Sun Aim Technologies

About Us:
We are a South-African company based in Potchefstroom, North-West. We design and manufacture a range of products suitable for South-African conditions. Locally designed products give our customers the advantage of local support.
Our Products:



  • Printing size: 20(X) x 20(Y) x 28(Z)cm
  • SD card printing capabilities (allows printing without a computer connected)
  • Custom slides with separate bearings for smoother and more precise movements
  • 12-month warranty
  • Delta printing -FASTER than normal XY printers
  • Software features interchanging of colours mid print to allow multiple colour printing.
  • Additional training available @ R3000.
  • Locally designed parts
                  • Spares available
                  • Operating Temperature: 10-30°C




Also available SAT-OB1-MC 3COLOUR 3D PRINTER. Same features as the above printer, but it can print with 3 colours and mix them as well (additional training recommended @ R3000)




This laser engraver with its 5W blue laser and smooth aluminium slides makes it ideal for home laser engraving. You can engrave wood, leather and other materials up to a size of 40x40cm. Can also be used to cut wood, leather and similar materials up to a thickness of 3mm using multiple layer cuts. 
Custom machines available on request - contact us for a quote @



3D Printing

We offer 3D printing services for PLA, ABS, PET-G and resin prints. Send your stl file to for a free quote.


3D Designing, Programming & Prototyping

Get your idea up and running.

We offer prototype designing, programming and 3D designing services. Contact us if you have a project that involves programming of an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, custom manufactured plastic parts or robotics.


Manufacturing services

Get your prototype or idea into the manufacturing phase.

 We do additive manufacturing of plastic parts as well as programming and assembly of micro-controllers and electronics.

International renowned products we work with include Arduino & Raspberry Pi.



We offer training on how to safely use 3D printers, laser engravers and milling machines for home and office use.  
Training is essential to someone who is new to the field of additive and subtractive manufacturing.



Contact us:
Tel:                    018 175 0019
WhatsApp:     079 106 5079
Visit us at        Shop 3, West Acres Shopping Centre,
Cnr Walter Sisulu & Retief Street,
Potchefstroom, 2520.